From our desire to offer another refreshing, informative, and exciting tour, came the 7 waterfall descents at Las Cascadas Lodge.

All Las Cascadas Lodge trips are leave no trace & zero impact

We only use natural features for anchors without the use of cables!

Safety Equipment Provided

Modern Helmets (required at all times), state-of-the-art harnesses, special neoprene shoes, spray/splash jackets are provided for below the falls where it is wet and windy.

Olvin and Mey are the local guides who grew up in the Cangrejal River valley and know all of the plants, animals, and the trees. The jungle is a exotic place often quite different than what guests are used too. It is always recommended that participants follow all of the guide's instructions.

Flora and Fauna. Hardwood trees, orchids, sometimes monkeys, iguanas, snakes, pizote, small cats, and lots of birds. More birds  than anything in the forest. Perhaps the most interesting resident is the Sun Bittern who's closest relative resides in Polynesia. Direct evidence of continental shift. (lots of photos on the net)

Cayman relief and adventure

Our Cayman Island guests want adventure and so we offer this very unique tour! Cayman is flat, and everyone who lives there needs a break a few times a year to see mountains, greenery, and feel the fresh water. 

After, or before Diving in Roatan

Take a break before you fly... local airlines fly from Roatan to La Ceiba below 2000 feet and the cabins are not pressurized. Depending on the amount of diving you are doing general wait requirements are between 12 and 24 hours before taking your International flight. Las Cascadas Lodge is a great compliment to any dive vacation on Roatan or Utila Bay Islands. 

Take the easy 15 min flight over from Roatan and spend a night or two and make the waterfall descents tour.

All year round there is water in the falls and pools. The most exciting activity in the area apart from rafting. High water lines in the rainy season are fun and exciting. At low water during the summer months you can get into the falls more and stay wet and cool the entire time.

Scrambling, jumping off rocks into pools, abseiling (rappelling), hiking.

Safety rules and standards

Ages 14 and up, with physical prowess. Max group size and why. We are looking for guests who are willing and able to follow very specific instruction and do not have too great a fear of heights. Being of decent balance and steady on your feet is a must. Trust in the equipment is also very important. English and Spanish spoken.

The maximum group size is 5

We have equipment for more however the wait time at each falls becomes a bit too much with more than 5. For larger groups we usually recommend doing two starts times/tours.. 

The valley is known for Fer De Lance snakes and a few other varieties that don't like being stepped on. Participants MUST always follow a guide and not branch off on their own. The snakes are cool to see however it is always best to have the guides see them in advance so you can watch and approach safely. 

Photos are provided by the staff

We will bring along camera equipment so you can keep your hands free for balance etc. 

If you want to bring a phone with camera along we can provide space in a dry box and one of the guides will take photos along the way for you. Go Pro's are nice however fog easily and seem to be preferred as a handheld video camera from above or below the waterfalls.

We also have camera equipment and are happy to take photos for you if you want to leave your camera at Las Cascadas Lodge and safe away from water and chance.

At Las Cascadas lodge

While on flat ground at Las Cascadas Lodge, an explanation of equipment and form while descending. Following this everyone descends the lower falls right behind the hotel. This is our 'warm up' waterfall so people can try out the activity, and if they don't like it they can relax at Las Cascadas Lodge, or go along on the hiking portion and take photos of their family and friends.

After the lower falls descent

We take the trail 20 min up the mountain to the top of the Upper Falls (25m). 

After the big falls

Everyone regroups and gets lowered one by one to the Upper falls pool. Professional jumpers can follow guides instruction and jump. The jump is very dangerous however with not very much room for error so we always recommend having the guides lower you. At the pool we take a group photo with the stunning waterfall behind you.

A guide leads the way scrambling and down climbing a section of about 100 meters and prepares guests to descend 'hidden falls' (18 meters). Hidden falls is a waterfall that is undercut so for half of the descent you are not able to touch the rocks with your feet and hang effortlessly in the air. Very cool.

The tour then goes in single file following a guide using hands, feet and even your butt to scramble along the steep creek for about 10 min. It is very exotic and untouched due to the steep terrain in this section and sometime white faced monkeys can be spotted.

The jump is next

A simple 12 foot drop into a pool. Diving is not recommended. At this point in the tour you can see a massive strangler fig tree which looks like something straight out of a science fiction film!

Some more down climbing and creek walking gets you to a rock ledge where the guides do a controlled lower on rope. Then the 'coldest' pool which entices giving the idea that you can wade through it but drops off and always feels a bit chilly no matter how hot it is!

Zig Zag waterfall

Another great spot for photos and your last roped descent controlled by you. After some belayed down climbing the group returns to Las Cascadas Lodge and the bar! Over 400 feet the tour drops back to the hotel. 

Lunch options after the trip and bar

Las Cascadas Lodge is private for our guests however if you reserve in advance we can have a lovely lunch waiting for you and the bar available. Cooked to order and lots of options!

Rafting combo Omega Tours

If you are looking to get the most out of limited time in the area  the rafting/waterfall descent combo lets you do both the rafting and the canyoning in the same day. Rafting starts at 8:30 returning to Omega Tours for lunch. After lunch the trip goes to Las Cascadas Lodge and on the waterfall tour. Hopefully returning before dark! This combination of tours allows you to see so much of the local area and rain forest.

Payments and tips, costs for tours and lunch

PayPal and cash $75 trip time from 3-5 hours depending on group size and abilities.


From local hotels and lodges in the Cangrejal River Valley is included. Shuttles from La Ceiba and the airport or ferry terminal can be arranged.