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Las Cascadas Canyon

Cost $65

  • Our most popular trip!
  • a one of a kind jungle experience
  • Good for most ages
  • Trip time 3 to 5 hours depending on group size and water levels.

Learn the basics on level ground then practice up at the lower waterfall before taking the tour up the mountain and over 400 feet back down to Las Cascadas Lodge. We use a combination of scrambling, rappelling, swimming, and jumping (4 roped descents). The trip brings you through pristine rain forest and seldom seen jungle.  Guests need a general comfort with heights, good balance, and good general fitness.

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National Park half day

Cost  $65

  • Trip Time  3 to 4 hours
  • 3-4waterfalls
  • Great for beginners! 
  • Great for Families

Cross the suspension bridge into the National Park.
Guides take a lot of time making sure that everyone is very comfortable and confident to enjoy these wide open waterfalls in Pico Bonito
+$15 for the hike option to the big falls (1 hour 30 more)